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Steven J. Melmet, Esq.

 In 1980, Mr. Melmet founded the Law Offices of Steven J. Melmet, Inc., a law firm that represented major financial institutions across the country. Practice areas of the firm included, foreclosure, loss mitigation, bankruptcy, eviction and litigation. In addition, Mr. Melmet founded West Coast Properties, Inc. (a real estate asset management company) and Select Escrow, Inc. All totaled, the Melmet companies were comprised of 80 employees covering a broad spectrum of real estate practices for its national clientele. 

Mr. Melmet sold his foreclosure practice to TD Service Financial Corporation and merged his law firm to form the partnership of Pite Duncan, LLP. Mr. Melmet and/or his firm is an active member of the American Bankruptcy Institute, Mortgage Banker’s Association, Southern California Mortgage Banker’s Association, Real Estate Owner’s Management Association of California (REOMAC), and the California Trustee’s Association. 

Mr. Melmet’s publishing’s include articles for Servicing Management entitled “Act Quickly on Chapter 13 Filings”, Vol. 4, No. 2, 1992; “Balloon Mortgages - Ready for the Onslaught?” Vol. 9, No. 11, July 1998; “Mobile Home Servicing Ins & Outs”, Vol. 11, No. 9, May 2000; and “California Amends Anti-Predatory Law”, Vol. 13, No. 10, June, 2002. 

Mr. Melmet’s law firm processed foreclosures in the States of California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Montana and North Carolina and during its tenure consistently handled over 6,000 foreclosure and loss mitigation properties on an annual basis. The company's client list included elite national loan servicers, including Bank of America, Cenlar, Centex, Countrywide, Chase Manhattan, Citifinancial, EMC, First Horizon, GMAC, Household (HSBC), Indy Mac, Litton, National City, Option One, Ocwen Federal, Select Portfolio (Fairbanks), Wells Fargo and Wilshire, to name a few. Mr. Melmet's firm received the distinction of being a designated foreclosure trustee / counsel for Freddie Mac in the State of California. His firm was also designated as eviction counsel for Fannie Mae. The firm was a member of the both prestigious foreclosure trade associations, the USFN and the AFN. 

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